Sunday, June 3

I'm Still Here :o)

Just been kinda busy with the end of the school year, mandatory classes, and a roof debacle (yes, debacle... more on that later.)


Friday [aka Kevin's Birthday Redo Day] felt like the first day of summer to me.  Warm, beautiful weather and some outdoor goodness.  Kevin, Andy, Sarah, and I went on a little mountain biking trek with the pups in the early afternoon.  Later we went downtown with the dogs for Festival of Flowers in the Town Square and listened to some bluegrass.  Later that night, Sarah and I did the Skinny Mini 6k along the coastal trail.  I don't think I had gone running in probably 6 weeks, so I was pretty content with my 10:18 split and for running the whole time.  :o)

Me prancing around to get Kevin's attention. :o)

So, I've been doing things, making stuff, and taking pictures as well.  All things to be posted in the near future.
Promise!  :o)

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