Tuesday, June 5

Strange (adj). /strānj/

Not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or alien: "she found herself in bed in a strange place".

No worries, I woke up in my own bed this morning.  :o)  I had to drag the sleepy Springer Spaniel (he's been pretty mellow lately, it is a bit odd) out of bed to go for a little run around the neighborhood.  Anyways, this is just a short little post to share with you the strange things we saw on our short little run.  :o)

First we have the classic car gone baby monster car:

I actually saw it a few weeks ago and tried to snap a picture, so I was happy (?) to see it scoot past me while I was running.

A chicken coop'ish mailbox.  No, I don't live in farm country.  I get the theme, but I wonder what one puts in the little fenced area...  Or perhaps it was their teenage kiddos project in woodshop...  Or maybe they just really miss Western Ohio?  If I come across a small plastic chicken sometime, I think I'll put it in there...

A long eared "Jersey cow" chomping on grass in a sneaky manner.

And a pup that loves playground slides!

He does it all on his own now.  He just likes to slide!  :o)

Alrighty, well now that Rudder is sleeping soundly...

I'm going to do some baking while I wait for the roofer to stop by.  

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