Thursday, June 28

Saving Money on Shampoo

So, I have really long hair.  

But it had never been so long that it was at butt-length.  Of course, until this summer.

I've grown my hair out and cut it three times to donate it to Locks of Love.  Apparently my scalp is a super fast hair growing machine.

I didn't really realize my hair was THAT long until I saw it in pictures.  Turns out it was longer than I thought (kind of like the whole I don't realize I'm as short as I am until I see a picture of me next to someone and it turns out they are like 8 inches taller than me and not the mere 3 inch different I perceive...).  Guess that explains why it gets caught in seat belts, sat on by dogs, gives ponytail headaches due to its massive weight...

My FAVORITE thing about long hair...  You just twist it...

And then stick a pencil through it.  It stays up so much better than a ponytail, works fabulously with wet hair, and can make my drowned rat look at work (because there was a 97% chance that I woke up at the last minute, hopped in the shower, then ran out the door with dripping wet hair... in January...) look more professional.  So easy.

But then, one Monday night, I got a bee in my bonnet (figuratively of course, I do not have bees nor did I have a bonnet on, although, remarkably, I do have a bonnet in my possession...  weird.).

So one thing leads to another...

Then $13.95 (I went to a school and had a super awesome student) and a complimentary Americano (woohoo!) later...

I haven't measured it yet, but I'd guess I had about 12 inches cut off in the pony tail, plus a bit more during the styling process.

Then things got silly while I sat in put-your-car-in-park-and-take-a-nap construction traffic (seriously, like 10-15 minutes)...

So, four ponytails later, I do believe I may have contributed enough for a wig for some kiddo through Locks of Love.  :o)

I do believe I lost about 5lbs of hair.  Ah so nice and light!  Well there you go, a haircut post.  How's that for keeping things random?  :o)


  1. Your new hairstyle looks great! Sometimes it's nice to freshen things up a bit

  2. Thanks! I am definitely enjoying how light it is! :o)

  3. I love is so great to follow you since you live so far away!