Saturday, June 30

Foodie Penpals - Wisconsin Wonderfulness

I stumbled upon Foodie Penpals, the brilliantly created and organized food exchange among bloggers (and readers!) across the US, Canada, and internationally!  For more detailed information about the Foodie Penpals exchange and to find out how to sign up too, go to Lindsay's page.

So, for my very first penpal exchange, I was matched with Nicole from Apples and Arteries.  She's from Wisconsin and sent me some amazing stuff, some of which was local (super awesome!).

I brought the trail mix (amazing with marion berries and golden berries, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, and more goodness) with me when we went fishing.  PERFECT snack food!  In fact, just about everything she sent is great for traveling about this summer.  It's like she knew I had several fun little trips planned where having easy grab healthy snack food would be the just what I needed!

I had the the Passion tea one morning and it was not only a super fun pinkish-purple color, but also delicious!    I usually have chai, spice, or mint tea, so it was really nice to try a fruitier tea!  I forgot that I like them. :o)

Also included were dark chocolate Mounds (I had no idea they came in dark chocolate!) that were consumed over several trips to Lowe's and Home Depot.   There is a Wisconsin brand whey protein powder that I am REALLY excited to try (but afraid I will love so much that I will be so sad to see it go),  some small peanut butter packets, bars (always great for a girl who is perpetually running late in the morning), and some fun spices (Bragg's and a local spice company) that I'm excited to try in some recipes.  I have a feeling the local steak seasoning might end up in a tofu recipe...  Thanks again Nicole!!!  :o)

So, first Foodie Penpal experience goes down as a success!  It was a great way to get to know new blogs and bloggers, makes you skip like a 4 year old to the mailbox knowing that something other than bills awaits you, and is a great way to be introduced to new foods!   I'm already excited for next month!

**If you know me, you know I get even MORE excited to give gifts than receive them, so check out what I sent Kristen at This Radiant Life!  :o)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed everything! That steak seasoning has only found its way onto veggies for me and it works really well!

  2. Looks like you got a great box! That protein powder looks really different, may have to see how I can find some