Monday, June 4

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

These are a few of my favorite things :o)

Sarah & Nathania had a Favorite Things party on Friday night.  The idea of the party is to bring five of the same items (under $8 each) that are your favorites to share.  I brought some Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter in Mason jars since it combined several of my favorite things, and when combined was one of my new favorite things!  It was definitely a fun idea for a get together, and a good way to find out about some other amazing things!

So first things first, the food!  Nathania and Sarah made some delicious finger food for the party.

Which included a raspberry shortbread desert (with ricotta and cocoa powder).

These were delicious (not surprisingly) but I didn't try them since I'm not much of a bacon kinda girl.

Oh and I LOVED this punch!  Combination of raspberries, clove, and rosemary with some added sweetness and bubbles!

Ok, so here's how the Favorites Party works.  You explain what you brought, and why it is your favorite.

Then five names are picked out of a hat bowl and those five people each get one of your items.

Once everyone had a chance to share and receive other people's favorites, everyone wrote down their favorite favorite and placed it in the bowl.  Sarah tallied them up, and I won!  Lets hope they still think it's their favorite after they try the almond butter!

We also picked two numbers before the whole thing started.  Apparently 4 was my number that night!
The green number ranked us in "stealing" order.  Kind of like a white elephant exchange, you could exchange one of the things you got with someone that got a favorite thing you wanted (so, lets say I didn't get Nathania's beeswax lotion, but Mallory did.  If I wanted, I could give Mallory one of the other things I had, like the nail polish in exchange for the lotion).  I was a happy camper with what I had, so I passed.  :o)

The blue number was again an indication of picking order.  Sarah made all these cute little bags to put the favorite items from the party in!  I had my eye on two, but apparently so did some of the earlier numbers!  :op  Oh well, I still really like the bag I got!

For an added twist, we all started off with four clothes pins to wear.  Anytime someone said the word "favorite" and you called them on it, you'd get one of their pins.  Everyone was actually REALLY good at finding synonyms or other descriptors for the word (or, we were really bad at catching people saying "favorite"...), so we only had two people lose pins.  I tied with Nathania, having five pins at the end, but since I won the "Favorite Favorite" prize, Nathania got the second prize bag.  :o)

So here are the favorites I brought home:

The Body Shop body polisher (I used this am and loved it!) and body butter.

Nasi Goreng straight from the Dutch store in Michigan and homemade lavender beeswax lotion.

Pink nail polish and homemade lemon bars.

Chocolate, post-its, lip balm (love!), and Fels-Naptha (which I've wanted to try for a while now).

Another Dutch "import" of DeRuijter (or as I will refer to them as, fruity toast sprinklies) and a paint edger (I gave mine to someone that just bought a house since I have, and love, one already).

And for the "Favorite Favorite" prize some bath items and post-its (thanks APH!  Hahaha).  I put those in my "guest bathroom" to make it look like I actually have my act together for when guests come ;o)

Thanks Nathania & Sarah for a super fun party!  I hear there are plans in the works for another themed party... yay! :o)

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