Tuesday, June 26

Backyard Stage #2

Here's a little update on the backyard (and a bit on the front!) :o)

It all started with the roof...

We decided to do it ourselves.

See Mom!  We were being safe with our rock climbing gear.  :o)

Ovi was SUPER helpful and stripped the front half of the roof at warp speed.

Rudder was really helpful.

I think I need a roof top deck.  180* views of the Chugach and Talkeetna mountains.  Bliss.

We were doing an awesome job, in my opinion.  We were even MORE awesome at making a mess! :o)

However, with looming rain clouds and a tight schedule, we ended up hiring a roofer/contractor to help us out.  Worst. idea. ever.  Well, it wasn't a bad idea per se, it was a bad roofer.  I think I may have known more about roofing than he did... Scary!  Lots of money later, the job STILL isn't done (he offered to come back and finish it for free, we said no thanks).  We have reputable professionals coming out [hopefully] this week.

So we started another project, naturally.  :o)  This one is going much, much better!

Super handy guy.

The super excited supervisor of our building efforts.

It is rather huge, but it's going to be beauuuutiful!  I don't have a garage, so I'm excited to have the storage space!  It'll be nice to have usable furniture in the two back rooms that aren't covered in tools, outdoor gear, and scrap wood.  :o)

Roof coming soon.  :o)

Here's how the rest of the yard is coming along:

Greens coming up in the garden.  

"Alley" way, on the to do list.  Oh and the neighbors sweet dog, Shatzie.

Don't you just LOVE the satellite!  Just imagine an English garden inspired bed there.  If you squint [really hard] can't you see it?? ;o)  Yeah, me either.  Oh, and those are the raspberries from the lovely Melody!

Side garden (gets the most sun) with peppers, beans, and rhubarb.

Nasturtiums popping up in the front boxes.

Cleared the suckers from the base of the tree and have plans for some kind of greenery/flowers around it.

Still a long way to go, but definitely progress from this (ok, minus all the roof related trash on the deck...):

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