It's Me!

Hi!  I guess it's about time to do an "about me" section (even though 99% of you looking at this page know who I am!).  :o)

Let's see, I guess I'll start with the "why do a blog?".  Like my very first post said, "Sarah made me do it."  Okay, maybe it was just a suggestion, but it has actually led to me being a bit more thoughtful about the food I make.  I don't think I was super unhealthy before, but I was definitely NOT well-balanced...  I've been working on eating more real food and less stuff I can't pronounce.  :op  I think my one hang up is Diet Coke... gosh darn it. [UPDATE: As of August 2012, I have pretty much given up the Diet Coke.  Sure maybe once or twice a month it just happens to show up, but ya know what, I don't miss it.  More importantly, I don't CRAVE it.  Yeah, it's a good thing.]  This also gives family and friends a chance to see what crazy paint colors I'm throwing on walls and my um, creative?, decorating.  :o)

Also, I love smiley faces.  Can you tell??  It's my way to make sure that I come across as joking, and not something unintended.  In fact (as unprofessional as it may be) a few get thrown in to my work emails.  Smiley faces are invading my keyboarding life...

Okay, for the 1% who have no idea who I am, here's a quick rundown:  I'm in my late 20s (Gasp!  When did that happen!  I feel like I have the maturity of a 7 year old...) and live in Alaska.  When I'm not making a disaster out of my new house (particularly the kitchen, I'm REALLY good at making a mess in the kitchen, just as Kevin!), I'm either at work (school psychologist), out with the pup and/or Kevin, or napping.  I love napping.  I love traveling about, but really haven't done too much lately.  I think I need to work on that...

Oh you know, thinking great thoughts.  :op


Well that's all I really have to say I suppose!  Again, this blog is nothing more than my rambles, recipes, and renovations.  You never know what you're going to get (except on Tuesdays, then it'll be tofu-related!).  :o)

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