Sunday, June 24

A Bright Bright, Bright & Sunshiny Day

Happy Belated Summer Solstice!

Such a bittersweet day in Alaska.  It's a super fun day/weekend full of sunshine and festivities to celebrate the longest day of sunlight in the year.  The bitter part of the sweet... it's all down hill from here.  Although I'm sure the sunny days this summer and a [hopefully] beautiful fall will still be amazing, I know next thing I know it'll be dark by the time I get off work...  Oh well, better enjoy it while I can!

I've been enjoying the super sunshiny days lately and have some posting to catch up on.  Things such as recipes, hiking trips, backyard progress, and house projects.  All things to come.  :o)  For now, I share with you my solstice sunshiny fun! :o)

On actual solstice, we went halibut fishing in Ninilchik.

Then ended the day at St. Elias Brewing Company with some pizza and a beer.  :o)

On Saturday we did a little work on the shed in the morning...

Took Rudder for a swim...

Then when running errands downtown, we ended up stumbling upon Anchorage's Summer Solstice Festival.  So, with Rudder in tow, we wandered around and saw...

Inflatable obstacles courses

Skateboarders doing their thing

Chainsaw carving

Hero Games (between fire fighters, military, police, etc.)

Such as bedsheet waterballoon volleyball (which I sadly missed) and tug-o-war

Denim jumpsuits

Kayaking in the street

A ginormous sandbox

Singing kids and live music

A pet stroller...

and street vendors!  my favorite!  
Here's some of MEZ Alaskan Pottery - I LOVE her stuff!  Good thing I was cash-less!

All the excitement and on-the-street spilled food clean up made for a sleepy Rudder!

Had some yummy halibut we caught for dinner (recipe coming soon!)...

And ended the day with a walk through the park with Rudder.

Pretty awesome solstice activities if I do say so myself!  :o)

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  1. That looks so fun! I really would love to visit Alaska some day, I have a huge fascination with the state. Enjoy your super long days!