Sunday, April 8

We Wish You a Merry ...Easter??

Granted today was BEAUTIFUL for Easter, but we definitely got some nice fluffy snowflakes for Easter Eve...  Perhaps it was the Christmas Carol playlist Kevin and I had going in the kitchen on Friday evening... [For some strange reason I could not get Sleigh Ride out of my head on Friday at work]

Please excuse the wardrobe and sad sad garland on the deck...
It wasn't necessarily cold... however, it was cold enough for record breaking snow!  Yup that's right, first year having to shovel my own driveway, and we get a record breaking 134.5" in Anchorage this winter.  [Disclaimer: I may have had a substantial amount of help with the shoveling... Thanks Kevin!]

So, what's one to do on April 7th when it's snowing quarter-sized snowflakes??
Go skiing of course!

Or in Rudder's case, snowball catching/chomping...

The snow went on and on alllllll day!   I was ok with it.  All the new stuff melted today anyways. :o)

So, Merry Easter!  :o)

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