Tuesday, April 17

Tofu Tuesday #3

Well last week I decided to make a tofu salad (ala chicken salad style) for Tofu Tuesday.  I'll come up front with it and say that to date, it was my least favorite tofu recipe.  It's decent, but not my fave (the Thai tofu pizza is going to be a toughie to beat!)

My curried apricot Moosetard was the inspiration to take the tofu salad to a curried state. 

I mixed together some plain Greek yogurt, Moosetard, yellow curry, and chili powder and mixed it together over low heat.  I let the crumbled tofu marinate in a bit, then set it in the fridge to cool down.

 I chopped up some apple, peanuts, and green onion to add to the crumbled tofu.  The apples and peanuts add a nice crunch to the otherwise squishy tofu mix.  Then instead of mayo, I added a bit more Greek yogurt so it would be the consistency I wanted.

 Had it on a sandwich thin with some spinach, and strawberries and ants on a log (sans ants).  Kind of a lunch for dinner.  :o)  

I think I'd try making a tofu salad sandwich again, but I don't think I'd use curry...  maybe just more traditional with some grapes, apples, and celery.  :o)

Tonight's tofu dinner was YUMMY!  I'll share it next Tuesday.  :o)

Also, there is a giveaway for a KitchenAid stand mixer (*gasp!*) on averiecooks.com!  Closes tomorrow!  Oh to have a KitchenAid...  so handy, so pretty...

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