Sunday, April 15

Outhouse Feel?

Gosh, I hope not!

I did however, create a similar landscape in my downstairs loo as what you might see in from an Alaskan outhouse... 

I had no intention of doing anything with my downstairs bathroom this weekend, but I've spent a good chunk of time in there holding a paint brush... 

So, here's step 2 of my bathroom face life:

I used white chalk and did some freehand drawings of birch trees on two of the four walls.

Then grabbed two different size paint brushes and started painting in the chalk lines.  This would have been easy if it weren't for the orange peel textured walls...  Ughhh, did that make painting in somewhat straight (or at least not lumpy) lines difficult!!! 

So here's the area of the two walls I painted.  I was wanting trees that didn't have quite the same amount of contrast, and that is actually green paint (that I added more of the wall green to), but it was definitely lighter than anticipated. 

Then I added the details that make the trees look more birch'y.  

So I LOVE finding hearts to photograph, so I painted one on a tree, carved heart style.  :o)

I haven't decided if the contrast is too much, or ok.  My only concern is that because there is quite a bit of contrast, that it may be a bit too busy in a small room like the bathroom.  We'll see.  I can always repaint.  :o)

On another paint note.  Look what I got at Home Depot today!  A ridiculous amount of paint!  

These are their "oops" paints, so the gallons are marked down from ~$25 to $7 and the quarts from $14 to $2.  They had probably 30 "oops" cans to choose from, and the paint guy was SUPER awesome and even retinted (twice!) a blue paint to make it more muted for me.  So awesome.  [Sidenote: it is still WAY too blue, but I think I'm going to do a bit of fiddling around with it at home]

So, I ended up with 6 gallon cans, 1 quart, and 3 itty bitties for....

Drumroll please...




Yes, $45.50!!!

While that is still a decent chunk of money to spend on paint...  I would have paid $173.00 if I would have bought them retail.  AND I have paint for all of my rooms now AND some of my furniture projects.  Yay! 

I guess I'll be doing some painting in the near['ish] future.  :o)

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