Thursday, April 19

Done & Done!

Whew!  Well I am FINALLY done with my project.  Ya know, the one with the broken screws and cement-like wood boards.  Made a trip to Lowe's after work today to pick up some different wood for Plan B and some longer nails.  I was determined that my "Sunday project" would be done this Thursday!

Lesson I learned today at Lowe's: If you want more varied sized wood (ie 1x3's etc.) then skip Home Depot.  Wow... Lowe's had everything I was originally looking for, but couldn't find at Home Depot.  Oh well, now I know.

So, for the project reveal:  I made wall shelves!  Aren't you excited???   Ha!  I know, wall shelves are not the most interesting things in the world, but I don't have quite enough room in my kitchen for a buffet, but needed some extra storage.  Enter wall shelves.

Just look at all that empty space just begging for some attention.

So I bought some wood per Ana White (if you've not been to her site, go now after you read my post).  It came to round abouts $30 (mostly because I had to buy more expensive stuff to get the 1x2s - again, check out Lowe's instead)

And easily enough put together the basic shelf.

But then I wanted to add a glass rack for my wine glasses.  They take up too much valuable cupboard space, so I wanted them hanging.  I figured I could come up with some kind of plan to make that work with these shelves.  And I did.

But that gosh darn cement-like board and the delicate screws...

However, at Lowe's I was able to get pine pieces (in the molding section) that met my needs.  Voila!  I used wood glue and super long skinny nails to attach these to the shelves.

After I stained the boards, I set about screwing them into the wall.

Not the easiest task to do alone, but I didn't want to wait, so I improvised with some jerry-rigging and pencil drawing (yes, I did use a level, and yes, they are actually mounted to the wall level.)

Ta da!   No idea if I'll keep what's on it up there or not, but I was ready to put something on it!  At least for pictures-sake.  :o)
Not sure why my ceiling looks pink... It's not...

Oh I like it.

Plenty of room for my glasses to slide right in! [plus extra room on the sides in case on an earthquake!]

So, as long as I don't hear a loud crash tonight, we'll mark this one down as a success!  Just took a while is all.  :o)

I'm sitting on the porch steps writing this blog, because it has been BEAUTIFUL lately!  Not a bad view from your front porch, eh?

Besides, Rudder prefers to collect his lost long toys from the yard and chill in the grass, so I thought I'd keep him company.

However, it is now just after 9 (and still very light!) and my fingers are getting a bit cold!  Time to head in and clean up the mess I made before my parents get here.  :o)


  1. What size boards did you use for your shelf? 1x6's? Also how wide are the boards you used for the wine rack piece!


  2. Brilliant! Best and easiest idea it looks like. Copying this! :)