Thursday, April 19

Green Onions & Green Grass!

 Did you know that you can grow green onions from the bulb?  In a glass??

Well, you can!

So instead of throwing away the ends of your green onions, stick them in a glass of water!

Put them in your window, change the water once a week, and watch them grow!

I used one of my new shoots tonight.  :o)  

So speaking of green things sprouting up...  I found green grass (yes green and living!) coming up along side of my house!  Most of the visible grass around town is more of a grayish brown and looks like a bad comb-over, so I was really excited to see living GREEN grass!
If you get up close and personal, you can see its really green

Rudder is a fan.  He's even finding tennis balls he lost months ago!

And other random things that were blown into my yard during the crazy Chinook wind storms this Fall.  I have no idea where this bird feeder came from...

Seriously, we've found 4 tennis balls in my yard.  I know there are at least 4 more hanging around the neighborhood and on the trail behind the neighborhood...

My back yard is a disaster.  Still quite a bit of snow, and REALLY POOR drainage...  Any hints on how to keep my yard from turning into a swimming pool??  Ohmigoodness if this stands too long the mosquitoes will be horrendous...

Rudder loves the mud.  

So he needs daily showers (sometimes two) to get all as much as possible of the grit and grime out.   Seriously, his coat traps dirt like nothing else.

Good news is, he is pretty ok with his showers.  He LOVES being toweled off.  But I think his favorite thing...

Is rolling around like a wild man (thus the blurred picture) on my futon and carpet...

And this is why I'll never have white furniture.

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