Saturday, April 14

Hello Carhartts My Old Friend...

I've come to talk with you again.

If you're now humming Sounds of Silence, good!  That was exactly what I had in mind.  :o)

The Carhartt overalls made a reappearance last night!

So I was looking at my lackluster downstairs bathroom around 8 last night, and decided it was time for a face lift.

 I had made a run out to Home Depot to buy some wood for a weekend project... and decided to pick up a quart of paint.
 It looked lighter, and less green to me on the card.  However, it's a match!  I guess it just gets greener when it's enclosed in a small room deprived of natural light.  :o)
 Ta da! 

This is very much so a step one.  I have lots of plans for this bathroom.  Some more paint, lights, textiles, adornment on the walls, storage...  I'll put up some pictures as those plans unfold.  :o)

Rudder and I are going to be lazy for a few more minutes then get back in the Carhartts, and tackle a pile of wood.  :o)

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