Thursday, January 26

Determined... Stubborn... Stupid... Whatever you want to call it.

I finished the built-ins!

Pardon the iPhone picture... but it was the truest to color...

Wait, revise that.  I ALMOST finished the built-ins!  :o) 

Turns out (despite my best efforts) that one person cannot put up a single piece of 9 ft crown molding to go over the top of the built-ins by themselves.  EVEN if they think they are super ingenious and use clamps.   Trust me, it's a two person job.  Rudder didn't volunteer to help, so I'm saving that for later.  Technically I also need to put the knobs on the doors and a couple of spots need a wee bit of touch-up paint... but really, its kinda done.  Done enough to put stuff in and on it.  Yay!

Being all of 5'2" and working on barstools to screw the boards into place was probably not the safest, but it worked.  My arms are tiiiiiiiiiired though!  My LEAST favorite part though (besides the crown molding - I was tired, it was too long and up too high and was just a debacle) was nailing the stupid beadboard to the back of the built-ins.  See, still feelings of resentment.  I went through so many stinkin' finishing nails.  Turns out that the pressed whatever it is they make the beadboard out of and finishing nails just aren't the best of friends.  I'm not the most awesome person ever with a hammer...

The throwing a hammer, catching it, and slamming down someone else's nail while drinking game.  Yay Pennsyltucky! ;o)

...but, I'm not that bad.  There were nails flying every which way and several bent.  I'll find the rest of them tomorrow when I sweep up (yes, I also left the mess from the saw in my kitchen - Rudder and I just wanted to head to bed and forget all of this vertical nonsense).  

I thought about posting the "process" of the built-ins in pictures, but I think I'd rather sleep.  Perhaps tomorrow.  :o)

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