Wednesday, January 18

I aspire to do great and noble things...

... such as visit all of the breweries in Alaska.  I thought there were around 15.  I was wrong.  There are 22 licensed breweries in Alaska.  I've never been so happy to be so wrong.  :o)

So, Rudder insisted that I accomplish very little painting tonight (something about a 43lb spaniel plopping himself between you and cabinet doors and coming dangerously close to knocking over a pail of paint that just makes you say, "fine, you win").  I was thinking of bucket lists though, and since apparently its ok for me to be on the computer as long as he can lay next to me, I decided I'd make a "pretty" version of my scribbled list of breweries to visit AND make sure I actually got them all written down.  So here they are, my breweries to visit:
    Manvsink on Etsy
    • Midnight Sun Brewing Company – Anchorage
    • Sleeping Lady Brewing Company – Anchorage
    • Anchorage Brewing Company – Anchorage
    • Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company – Anchorage
    • Glacier Brewhouse – Anchorage
    • King Street Brewing Company – Anchorage
    • The Last Frontier Brewing Company – Wasilla
    • Akrose Brewery – Palmer
    • St. Elias Brewing Company – Soldonta
    • Kenai River Brewing Company – Soldotna
    • Kassik’s Kenai Brew Stop – Nikiski
    • Denali Brewing Company – Talkeetna
    • Homer Brewing Company – Homer
    • 49th State Brewing Company – Healy (this gets a 1/2 crossed out because I've been here 3 times, and they've been out each sad)
    • Silver Gulch Brewing Company – Fairbanks/Fox
    • Kodiak Island Brewing Company – Kodiak
    • Skagway Brewing Company – Skagway
    • Gold Rush Brewery - Skagway
    • Baranoff Island Brewing – Sitka
    • Haines Brewing Company – Haines
    • Bear Rock Brewing Company – Ketchikan
    • Alaskan Brewing Company – Juneau 
    Popchartlab on Etsy
     I like getting the pint glass from each place.  Only thing I've ever collected (except that time I decided I "collected" teddy bears at age 7.  I determined that they were what I collected since I had more than 2.  Surprise, surprise, that is where my "collection" ended).  I'm just not into collecting things really, but I see pint glasses as purposeful and I like the fun artsy logos on a bunch of them. :o)

    Ten down, Twelve to go.  Some will be easy, other will be a bit more of a venture (Unfortunately Haines and Ketchikan aren't just down the street...)

    Gosh I love a good beer.  For that I thank Mr. Levi Markwood - beer sampler/brewer extraordinaire.  :o)

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