Monday, February 20

Just a Nikon Girl...

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... Living in a Canon world.  (I don't know why, but when I think about the Canon camera, I start humming these words to Journey...)  

Anyyyyyyyyways, I've been hiding behind a Canon 50D lately.  

Why yes!  That is paint on my hands!  Are we surprised?  I thought not. ;o)

So what is a born and bred Nikon girl doing with a Canon??  Well, Kevin has most graciously offered to let my shutter happy hands borrow his DSLR so I can keep being my snap happy self, but with a seriously upgraded camera.  I love my little Sony Cybershot, I really do.  It has survived several tumbles, snow baths, is wonderfully light and small for hiking...  Clearly I love them, it is after all my 4th Cybershot (yes, I have a tendency of losing cameras...).  [Anyone else wondering, with my "stellar" camera history, why in the world Kevin would let me borrow his super nice camera???  Yeah, me too...]  Anyways, it's a good little point and shoot, but it just doesn't have the lens, nor the features I'd love to have and sometimes can frustrate the bejeebees out of me.  Well, I'm still learning this how to use this Canon, which can be also frustrating, but it is SO great to see what a difference good glass makes! :o)

So, since I'm a bit behind on the whole updating the blog on things that are being done around the casa, I'll put up some of these for now with promises of project pictures to come. :o)

The Flours [get it, flowers, ah so pun-y] I got from Kevin for Valentine's Day

Evidence that I still have yet to understand Canon's white balance options...

Rudder loves his dummy

Mr. Martini eyes

And now for the Gag Reel...

Tomorrow I'll try to get some project pictures posted.  :o)

PS - This blogger post-formatting-picture-inserting-process and I do not get along... 

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