Tuesday, January 17

I went to work with paint in my hair ...again.

So, I've been busy covering myself in paint and primer the last week or so.  It all started with "well lets go ahead and clean up the kitchen and maybe stop for another paint sample" and ended with a disaster zone of paint supplies and me, covered with paint.

Poor Carhartts... You didn't stand a chance.
 I am AWESOME at getting paint everywhere (and sometimes even on the intended wall).  :o)


Well, what seemed like a small undertaking has amassed to a massive undertaking (perhaps overtaking is a better description...) of my first floor.  I do believe the word is overachieving or perhaps naive may be appropriate words to describe our short-term "we'll have this done by Saturday, no problem" goal  :o)   Pictures will be posted later.  Why?  Two reasons: I like the idea of having a "clean" room in my after pictures (and I am SO not there yet) and secondly, I'm at work during daylight hours, so really taking pictures of paint colors and such is a moot point when its pitch black outside. 

Alrighty, so point of this post (now that I'm finally getting to it) is that I have ended up with quite the To Do List.  I wish it were my Bucket List because those would be MUCH more fun to cross off, but alas, it's my overzealous to-do-before-Kevin-gets-back list.  He-who-gives-me-the-much-needed-kick-in-the-butt-to-get-things-done (Harry Potter reference, anyone?), aka Kevin is rather certain that my house will still look like Oklahoma during tornado season when he gets back from the slope (12ish days).  Well, I can get a wee bit feisty and like to prove people wrong, so I am bound and determined to finish the kitchen and have it reassembled before he gets back AND more that he isn't even expecting.  I think we spent more than half of his R&R in Anchorage painting, roaming the aisles of Lowe's & Home Depot, and disassembling my kitchen... and I am SO grateful for all the time and effort he put into all this home improvement mumbo jumbo, but I'd REALLY like to spend more time doing fun outside things like skiing and snowshoeing when he gets back rather than fixing upping. 

Wow, so still not to the point of this post.  I can ramble with the best of them...  Alright, here it is, the list:
- Prime built-in bases
- Prime shelving for built-ins
- Paint built-ins
- Cut & paint beadboard for the back of built-ins
- Remove baseboard
- Install built-ins (woo to the hoo!)

- Clean kitchen cabinets (top)
- Prime kitchen cabinets (top)
- Paint kitchen cabinets (top)
- Paint last few drawers/doors (bottom)

- Clean up kitchen
- Reorganize pantry
- Backsplash (?)
- Chalkboard frame (make and mount)

- Map frame
- Entryway (hooks and such)

It's not such a bad list, but the fact that I have a horrendous number of meetings and such at work the next two weeks, and that Rudder is not exactly the most helpful assistant...

Yes, that is paint on his nose.  He gets it from me. ;o)
means that it may take me a bit longer than I'd like.  Oh, that and I am really good at distracting myself mid-project and starting another project...  I did that last night.  Oops!

So here's to going to work with paint (or primer?) in my hair again tomorrow! :o)

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  1. oi...just an FYI...the print you used is not super reader friendly...can barely read it:) So glad you posted again though!