Thursday, January 26

Regression & Recoupment

Clearly I spend half of my day living in the wonderful world of special education law...

Anyways, I'm on my lunch break (Ha! Like I really get one of those) and was working on an evaluation for an upcoming meeting, and really just needed a break from special ed lingo for a minute or two...

So, I decided to make a quick little post about the "progress" I've made.  I'm trying to figure out the feasibility of my "to-do before Sunday" list is... 

Alright, here it is, the list:
- Prime built-in bases
- Prime shelving for built-ins
- Paint built-ins
- Cut & paint beadboard for the back of built-ins  (took wayyyy longer than expected...)
- Remove baseboard (most fun part thus far)
- Install built-ins (woo to the hoo!)

- Clean kitchen cabinets (top)
- Prime kitchen cabinets (top)
- Paint kitchen cabinets (top)
- Paint last few drawers/doors (bottom)

- Clean up kitchen (somewhat, but it is still a disaster in there thanks to it being my "workspace"
- Reorganize pantry
- Backsplash (?)
- Chalkboard frame (make and mount)

- Map frame (halfway there, again, a project that seemed so easy but had a few glitches)
- Entryway (hooks and such)

So, some things have gotten done, but it looks like even more of an unfinished mess to me (thus the regression part of the title).  Plan is to finish and install the built-ins tonight (this will probably be one of those moments of "swearing" (my swearing usually consists of utterances such as "what the frickin' french fry") and hilarity and me once again wishing I was a little taller (I wish I was baller... oh goodness, that's going to be in my head all day now).  So maybe, just MAYBE I'll get the upper cabinets done before Kevin gets back.  Well, I'm at least going to try.  No more distracting smaller projects, and at least this weekend I won't have to focus on writing any evals... 

My house still looks like a tornado blew through, twice.  I should probably add "making a walkway from the front door to the back of the house" to my list...   Oh, and laundry, I'm starting to run low on socks. ;o)

Weekend plan = recoupment.


  1. Oh, and exciting note in history: as my 5th post, I have surpassed my "journal-like" record from 5th grade. :o)

  2. pictures, i want pictures...even though I can walk to your place I want pictures:)