Tuesday, January 8

If I Were To Get This All Done...

...Then I must have magically ended up with a 32 hour day in which I required no sleep!

Yay! No sleep!  I'm so excited!

Oh wait... I forgot.  I like sleep!

So, I know that this list is a bit over zealous.  I know that a lot of these projects will cost more than I expect.  I know some (or many) will carry into 2014.  I know that I will probably change my mind about some of these [hair-brained] ideas...

But here they are!  Break out the Carhartts!

In 2013, I'd like to do/work on the following house projects:

Living Room:
  • Wall art - my walls are tired of being naked!
  • Bookshelves - need somewhere to keep my growing pile of books and various assundries
  • Curtains - I've hated the cheapy ones that came with the house since day 1.  They need to go.
  • 1/2 wall into the kitchen - I'm dreaming big! :o)
  • Shoe rack - this is Kevin's request, as he hates tripping over my boots when he's over.
  • Finish cabinets - Paint underneath (one year later...) and put up the rest of the hardware
  • Counter tops - bigger project, but if it happened... I'd be such a happy camper!  Not sure what I want to do with them though...
  • Floor - mine is uuuuuuugly! ["but she sure can cook!" - name that song!].  Again, bamboo?  Cork?  Engineered hardwood?
Downstairs Bathroom:
  • New vanity - the one I have is falling apart (oh, and has graffiti left from previous tenants)
  • Frame out the mirror
  • Change the light - I have the fixture, just haven't gotten to it.
  • Hooks - no towel bars in there, bought some neato toledo artisan hooks, just need to nail those bad boys in.
Office/Gear Room:
  • Paint the gear shelves - but what color????  ahhhh!
  • Make/buy bins for said gear on the shelf
  • Light - change it out, maybe, still undecided
  • Curtains - DONE!  (I had to put one thing on the checklist I could immediately check off.  That's how I roll.)
Guest Room:
  • Window - make it purdy
  • Quilts - break out the sewing machine and get to stitching!
  • Art - finish the half done art hanging on the walls. :op
Upstairs Bathroom:
  • Vanity - need a new one.  Stat.
  • Floor - need a new one.  Stat. (seriously, its grungy AND a small lotion bottle created a huge spider like crack in the tile.  Reeee dic u lous!)
  • Figure out how to make the long awkward shelves into a usable "linen closet"
  • Re-tile the tub - Or else it's going to look more and more like caulk city in there.  Oh, and I HATE the dusty pink tile and the ones with the flowers...
  • Hang up towel hooks.  I hate the brassy bar that's dangling from the wall.
  • Paint.  Make it.... blue! (or some variation of, I have a lot of blue paint)
Upstairs Room:
  • Paint. 
  • Awkward sink - Mission: make less awkward (yes, I have a pedestal sink chilling in my bedroom)
  • Art.  Again, another naked room.
  • Patio like something or other in the back.
  • Work on the drainage issue - although this may not be a problem with the lack of snow this year...
  • Flowers & Garden - Plant some more flowers.  Grow some grub.  Add two more small raised beds to the side of the house.

I'd also like to:
  • Go berry picking on the Denali Highway while everyone else is caribou hunting.
  • Have a [at least moderately] successful garden.
  • Be way more awesome at preserving things from said garden.
  • Travel somewhere I haven't been (preferably outside of Alaska).
  • Spend more time outdoors.  Hiking, biking, boating, camping, picnicking... Anything outside!
  • Read more, Hulu less.
  • Be a better bread baker and soup maker.
  • Consider craft fairs for the Fall/Winter.
  • Give Rudder a haircut (ok, I know this one is weird, but I cannot wait until it is warm enough to get rid of his well loved Fozzie bear look he's rocking...)
  • Tune my piano and play it!
  • Not kill all of my house plants.
  • Finally organize all my paperwork...  
  • Rediscover my sketchbook.
  • Post things sooner (instead of waiting, oh 6+ months, then deciding its a bit late to talk about Easter in November...) 
  • Make my house feel more like home (good post here on that)

Now, where did I leave that tape measure...

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  1. So Krista, me again - your Pgh cousin. Love your blog! I had to go digging through your sister's FB page to find the link but i bookmarked it so I can find it easily again! Love your sense of creativity and reading about all your ambitious projects. I tend to lean towards the home improvement stuff myself, so we must be related, right? Just love learning a bit about you. My blog is rather boring but it's polomecommunications.com/unfinishedwork.

    Sounds like your year is off to a great start. Really intrigued by your sangria recipe! Take care!