Tuesday, January 22

A Dog of Many Hairstyles

Woohoo!  Okay, I am sporadic at best, but here goes my third (?) 23Paws post!  I really love the idea, but I am oh so unorganized when it comes to getting this done on/by/around the 23rd!

So, giving Rudder a haircut is probably the FIRST thing I'll do come Spring...  He is such a fuzzy beast with the weirdest patches of super fluffy blonde hair.  but there is some of his hair that I will never cut...
Fozzie Bear'esque
Ever since I picked up this little ball of spazzy'ness, he has had a crazy scientist 'do on top of his head.  It 100% fits his personality.


It is also SUPER fun to style!


So, enjoy the many styles of Rudder! ;o)

The comb-over

 The quasi-mohawk/Einstein

The "Reginald Von Wigglebottom" of the Edwardian (?) era.

Unicorn braid

The snow-laden forward wave (ya know circa 1999)


"Frosted" tips

Oh, and there are more.  So many more... :op 


  1. So cute. I love the crusty icy snow picture at the very end. Your guy is beautiful.

    The 23rd of the month sneaks up on me too.

  2. Oh my goodness! Those pics are awesome. I especially love that first one. Guinn has some crazy hair on the top too and we always joke about putting some styling gel in it, but we never do. Now that I see this, we are totally going to have to do it!! HA! Thanks for joining Rudder, you handsome fellow you!!!

  3. Love this!! Totally made me smile, thank you!

  4. Oh, that mop on top is so cute! Almost makes me wish I had a long haired dog!