Monday, December 31

Photo-a-Day Wrap Up

Well, so much for my once weekly recap of photos.  :op

Oh well, I should have known I'd be pretty busy with other things in December.  :o)

Starting at the top right corner, and going across each row, we have:

First picture is a bonus... hahaha  it wasn't one of the photos assigned, and I'm too tired to fix the picture.  Please enjoy a random picture looking up at the snow falling from under a street light.

  9th: Out & About - Walk in the woods with the Ruddster
10th: Under - (switched with "Looking Up" from 5th) - Looking up from my office in the shower stall.
11th: Sweet - Holding the hand of my favorite third grader on the way back to class.
12th: Hat - Winter in AK = frequent hat wearing
13th: Lights - Lights on the end of a stick.  Love them year round. :o)
14th: Something Green - Ornament in the dog park.
15th: Outdoors - Beautiful (COLD) day on the trail.
16th: Something You Made - Rosemary & Orange cookies.  Yum! (except I ate toooo many!)
17th: On the Floor - Rudder protesting his booties.
18th: Makes You Feel Merry - Memories of Talkeetna fun
19th: Something Beginning with "S"- Silly Springer Spaniel.  He looks ridiculous in his [needed] winter gear
20th: Weather - Dark when I go to work and when I come home, but clear enough to see the moon!
21st: Tree - Frosty trees at the dog park with the orange'ish glow of light pollution
--- Oops!  Another extra.  Super frosty lashes from cold cold morning walks!
22nd: Decoration - Sugar cookies.  Two of 143... (or something ridiculous like that)
23rd: Joy is _____. - A Springer Spaniel!
24th: Tradition/Something You Always Do - Homemade Pulla bread... Perhaps a new tradition?
25th: Lunchtime - Christmas tradition of stromboli.  FYI Augie scarfed my piece down a nano second after I took this... See him in the background?
26th: Mess - Blindfolded partner gingerbread house decorating.  Frosting was everywhere.
27th: How You Relax - Sightseeing with warm fresh Fred Bread in Huntsville, AL.
28th: Cold - Huntsville microbrew.  Yum!
29th: Hot - Rocket thrusters at the Rocket and Space Center.  Holy huge rockets!
30th: Something That Made You Smile This Year - Silly moments like these. :o)
31st: Self-Portrait - Rudder and I out for a walk.

I thought about doing this again for January... but think I may do something different.  It was fun, but I already know January is going to be a disaster month at work... so the fewer "things" I'm doing, the better.  :o)

Happy New Year! 

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