Tuesday, July 3

Tofu Tuesday - Marinara goes Soy

Please excuse this interruption from strawberry week to bring you Tofu Tuesday.  We will resume strawberry'ness later today.  :o)

This recipe didn't exactly work out as planned, BUT was still good.  :o)

Creamy Tofu Marinara Sauce:

  • can (or jar) of tomato sauce
  • 3/4 block of firm tofu
  • handful of garlic cloves
  • 2+ cups of spinach
  • [1 oz. cream cheese]
  • red wine

Here are the stars of today's Tofu Tuesday recipe:

First, roast the garlic cloves (I use olive oil over medium heat)

Leftover cheap wine from a while ago.

When your garlic is looking nice and roasty, add your fresh spinach and mix around to coat in olive oil.  Sometimes I add a bit of salt and pepper at this point.

Once the spinach is wilty, add the tomato sauce.

Then add in the tofu [ok, here I think that the better plan would have been to process the tofu and tomato sauce, THEN add it to the spinach and garlic...  next time...).  Then add in some red wine and spices (I used rosemary, oregano, and basil).

Since the wine is out, you may as well drink some...

Since I missed the mark on making the marinara creamy by way of tofu, I added a little bit of cream cheese to make it creamier.

Mix with spaghetti and voila!  So, this didn't end up as intended, BUT it's kind of like a creamy marinara with tofu crumbles.  Ya know, kind of like a meat sauce, but instead of meat, it's tofu.  It tasted just dandy like this, but I still want to try to make creamy marinara by way of tofu...

The next day, I used some of the leftover marinara for a dipping sauce.  But why just use plain ol' bread?  [sidenote: I never ever used to start sentences with the words but or and, but in this blog, I do it all.the.time!  It kind of bothers me, but it just seems to flow better when you break some grammatical rules :op ]

I took the sliced baguette and spread a small amount of olive oil, then pesto on each side.  Next I coated each side with finely grated (as in I used my micro-plane grater) parmesan, then stuck them in a pan pre-heated over medium heat.



Yummmm!  This will be a repeat.  So simple, so fast, so good!

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