Monday, July 30

Foodie Penpal - Sweet Things From the Beehive State

Look what was waiting at my doorstep today!!! :oD

Yup!  Round 2 of Foodie Penpals (put together by the wonderful Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean)!

The Lean Green Bean

[sidenote: putting that button up there was a fun little trip to html land...  yikes!  I'm amazed I didn't botch that!]

This month my penpal was a blog reader, Jarica.  I had a chance to learn a little bit more about her through email exchange, and was super excited to find out she lives in Utah.  Utah is one of my most favorite places to visit.  Such an awesome outdoor playground! :o)

She sent me a bunch of sweet treats!  Four types of granola from her local Farmer's Market, cake mix, Utah honey, and green tea drink mixes!

I had somehow ended up breezing through the day and realized at 5 that I hadn't had lunch yet!  Oops!  So, I tried a nibble of each of the granolas.  It's different than other granolas I've had or made, because its a bit more like homemade baked oatmeal in texture.  Nice and soft, but still granola'y [if that makes sense!].  I'm not sure if I liked the caramel apple or almond berry best... They were all delicious!

I had some of the Simply Delicious granola with some yogurt and blueberries to tie me over until I made dinner.  :o)  Yum!

I have plans to use the cake mix with my favorite 5 year-old friend and am excited to have the green tea to go for work!  [PS, school starts back up in less than 3 weeks!  Ohmigoodness...]

Alright, now the honey. the honey!  No wonder Utah earned the nickname of the beehive state!  Hands down, best honey I've had.  It is so much thicker than most honey you buy, and DELICIOUS!  So good you could eat it by the spoonful! Yes, I did have a spoonful... By itself... [but hey, it was a little spoon!]  :o)

Thank you Jarica!  :o)

I sent some goodies to a blog reader in Atlanta.  She has an adorable puppy, so Rudder included some homemade dog treats and Alaskan dog treats for him.  :o)


  1. The different types of granola sound sooo delicious!

  2. Hi Krista, I am so glad that you enjoyed everything. It was so fun to get to know you and that you have visited Utah. Your blog is awesome too, I love reading about your adventures.