Wednesday, February 27

Spreading the Love - Pinterest Challenge

Well, I've meant to participate in the Unofficial Pinterest Challenge hosted by Katie @ BowerPower and Sherry @ YoungHouseLove, but never really got around to getting a project finished and a post written in time. 

Even though it is that nutty time of the year for school psychs, I was determined to do it.  I was hoping to show my DIY curtains... but I haven't finished them.  Then I thought maybe I'd have some wall art up in the living room...  yeah, didn't get that done either.  Okay, so what about finishing a painting of Rudder I started this summer?  Not enough time.  Kevin and I went to Talkeetna this weekend, and I've been Snotty McSnotterton with a cold since last week, therefore I had a limited amount of time (aka Tuesday night, which was already scheduled for some good ol' report writing for work...).

So, I remembered that I've been wanting to spread awesomeness.  More specifically, I wanted to spread the love.

If you know me, I'm not a lovey dovey mushy gushy type.  Not at all.  Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday.  I'd rather celebrate Flag Day.

I'm a recent fan of Kit over at the DIY Diva.  She's hilarious and has an awesome old farm house that she's fixing up.  I'm also pretty envious of her power tools...  Anyways, she has this a Random Acts of Awesome website.  Ya know, just spreading awesomeness into strangers life.  I love that.

Pinned by me (kristalee3) via Kit
Lately I've been feeling the lack of love between people at work, that unconditional acceptance and love for people.  Ya know, that wanting the best for them, even if they aren't your blood relative or best friend.  So, feeling somewhat unsuccessful at making awesome strides in this compassion for all kiddos/people at work, I think I'm going to just spread little reminders around town.

Oh and I love rocks.

And painting rocks.

It goes back to elementary school.

Anyways, here's what I did, and what I plan on continuing to do:

1. Paint a heart and a "love _____" statement on rocks.
2. Spread said rocks around town as I'm out and about.
3. Hopefully make at least one person smile, or think about loving one another. :o)

Here's a few iPhone pictures from late last night of the last minute Pinterest Challenge project. :o)


All of my river rocks are buried in a foot of snow/ice, so I had to use little rocks I had in the house.  Future rock painting will be a bit bigger, and rounded, well loved stones.  :o)

Off to spread some love around Anchorage! :o)

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  1. This is seriously so sweet. I love random acts of kindness like this!
    Because I think your blog is awesome {and you are too!}, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here: Hope you are doing well! Happy Weekend!

    Abby =)