Sunday, March 3

Sunday Funday

Nothing beats waking up to a snuggly Springer Spaniel.  ESPECIALLY when you can stay in bed to snuggle.  :o)

Today I was sketchy, twisty, spicy, and wandering.

We had a great day.  :o)

Here's the wandering part of our day:

I just have to share with you what was the most handy thing I thought of today.  Using Rudder's leash as a holster of sorts for the chuck-it.  I hate carrying that thing around, so it was nice to have it by my side so I could use my hands to do other things like pick up slobbery sticks to throw and carry my coffee mug.  :o)  Oh, and until it's ball time (because Rudder is OBSESSED with tennis balls) I keep the ball in my hood.

There was some stick chewing.

A raven that tried to poop on us.

Lots of ball throwing.

Near catching...

Let's try this whole catching the ball thing again, shall we?

No day is complete with out burying the ball in the snow.

Some heart scattering...

More digging...

And headed home due to some major ice balls in Rudder's paws.  Poor little bugger... I really need to fix his booties...

Then a sleepy little Springer.  :o)

More on the sketchy, twisty, & spicy later in the week. :oD

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