Monday, December 10

Recap: Photo-a-Day - Week 1

Just a quick recap of my instagram photos from the first week's assignments.  After all, I need to get back to my elf'ing ways! :op  NEARLY done with Christmas prep!  Woo!

Doubt this will be an every month participatory feat, however, I thought it'd be fun to do this month.  If you'd like to join in, it's put together by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim and all participant photos can be found on Instagram under #fmsphotoaday 

It started off {albeit a bit late...} with Day #1's assignment: 8 o'clock.

Here's the rest of the week (+ 1 day):

#2  -  12.2.12 - Peace:  Rudder is [usually] a peaceful little sleeper.  Especially in the morning when my alarm clock has gone off four times and I want nothing to do with getting out of bed and getting ready for work... 

#3  -  12.3.12 - Something You Held: An orange at work.  As a Title 1 school, we get fruit and vegetables for the kiddos to snack on.  When there are extras, the staff get some.  :oD

#4  -  12.4.12 - Black & White:  Frosty weeds on a quick and COLD walk during my lunch break!

#5  -  12.5.12 - Looking Up:  Except in my mind it was the "Under" assignment.  So, this is me, getting buried under evaluations.  Holy cannoli, it's crazy at work!  Where did all of these kiddos come from?!?  Hand me the coffee pot...

#6  -  12.6.12 - From Where You Live:  There is some poetry written on the fence at the dog park, part of which is about the dark sky.  I thought it was appropriate as it was barely 4pm and getting dark.  Oh Winter Solstice, you cannot come soon enough... I much prefer counting the minutes GAINED rather than the minutes lost.  :o)

#7  -  12.7.12 - Stars:  Well hello there Alaska's flag!  You look particularly beautiful and starry on this frigid day!

#8  -  12.8.12 - Someone You Love:  How about two someones?  :o)

Alright, lots to do...  Back to it!  :o)  

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