Sunday, December 2

Photo A Day - 8:00

For some reason the assignment 8:00 makes me think of the book Tuesday by David Wiesner.  I LOVE that book.  The creative things kids can come up with when just given pictures is pretty awesome.

Anyways, I'm going to attempt to participate in the FMS Photo-a-Day Challenge.  Seems like a fun idea.  :o)  Today's assignment is 8 o'clock.

So, I give you what I took a picture of a 8:00pm tonight:

Yeah, I just posted that in my Cozonac post... but I didn't see this fun little challenge until just a little bit ago, and that is what I was taking pictures of at 8pm tonight.  :o)   I'll be a little less redundant for the Dec. 2nd assignment.  Promise! :o)

Dang, I just realized since these are also "instagramable" that they'll show up on my side reel thing-a-ma-whats-it.  So, yes, perhaps redundant.  BUT the words will be here since I have a lot more room to jabber away on blog posts than I do on instagram labels.  Lucky you!  :oD

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