Thursday, March 22

Sushi & a PUpdate

Oh puns, you never get old... ;o)

So, I've been hoarding pictures of mi casa and projects I've been doing lately.  Well intentioned to stick them up here on the blog, and yet they still sit untouched in a file on my desktop.  They'll end up here someday [maybe] [hopefully].

Anyways, Kevin and I made sushi for dinner a while back (gosh, I guess it was almost 2 weeks ago now!) and I took pictures.  Turns out it was way easier than expected and a pretty cheap dinner!

You can really put whatever you want in these I guess, but we weren't feeling brave enough to deal with raw fish (I'm more than happy to leave that to people who know what they're doing!) so we used imitation crab meat (cheap), some fresh veggies (zucchini, cucumber, red pepper), a little bit of cream cheese in some, and jasmine rice.  [Sidenote: Kevin is somehow a master rice maker... no burnt rice on the bottom of the pot!  Unlike every time I make rice...]

So all of the veggies were cut up into thin strips, rice in a bowl (nice and sticky, no rice vinegar necessary!), and wax paper out.  Yeah, we had to use wax paper.  As a first time sushi maker, I didn't have the nice little bamboo roller mat things.  I do now (woo hoo Target super clearance 2 days later!)!  Anyways, put the Nori (shiny side down) on the wax paper and press the rice onto the Nori, leaving an open strip for sealing it at the end.  Lesson learned from first sushi roll: Press that rice down nice and hard - your chopsticks will thank you later.
Lay your veggies out in a row, nice and close together.  Put what ya like, how you like.
I let Kevin go first so I could watch (and photograph) the rolling of the sushi, being a sushi-making newbie and all.  Pretty easy, even without the bamboo rolling mat thinger-ma-bobs.  Again, push down that rice so that this creates less mess and more compressed sushi!

And voila!


It was yummy. 
My sister and I even ate it mid-hike/ski!

It was a BEAUTIFUL week up here for Spring Break.  Jana (aka "Sherpie" for her amazing sherp'ing abilities) came down to Anchorage for a few days.  We went out to one of my favorite places ever - Hatcher's Pass.  Beeee-uuuuuuuu-t-i-fullllll!  Anyways, this was the "yeah, you can skate ski this trail [um, bull Sherpie, total bull]" &"%$(#)* Moose!!!" outing.  Yeah, that moose was a pain just chilling in the middle of the trail and consequently making skate-ski clad me have to take off the skis and post hole around him while hoping the dogs totally missed the whole moose factor.  Again, I say %$(#* Moose.  Here are some pictures from the trip:

Survival pup - can dig you out when you get stuck in deep snow.

Tired pup - A rarity in my life
And now for a mini-gag reel:


He may or may not be the cause of deforestation and lakeshore erosion in Alaska...

And just to keep this blog post RANDOM... 

You too can enter a giveaway over at the Sew Dutch Sisters!  :o)  Full of great make-do'ing, craftiness, and deliciousness!

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