Saturday, March 24

Onesie and Twosie More

Well it only took me [over] three months to make something for my favorite [nearly] three month old!

I bought a plain white onesie, some remnant fabric, sticky stuff from the sewing section [so technical, I know], and embroidery floss to make Hunter's baby shower gift back in December I think...  Fast forward to 1.7.2012 and Hunter is born.  Onesie supplies are still in the closet.  Fast forward [quite a bit] to 3.24.2012 and FINALLY the project is started and completed!  It didn't even take that long to make today...  Sorry Shelly & Hunter!  Although, I doubt Shelly will be surprised seeing as I still have her wedding gift...  Timeliness in gift giving isn't necessarily my forte...  :o/

Alrighty, so Shelly is one of my most favorite people in the world and a fellow snap-happy kid.  I think we took over 5000 pictures on our cross-country road trip.  Sound like a lot?  I was actually expecting to have taken more...  Thank goodness for digital or I'd be in debt from film and development...  Back to the point.  I made an appropriate onesie for the baby of a snap-happy mom.  Here's how I did it:

Step One: Find a friend that will make sure you don't get distracted by other projects.

Step Two: Turn on a fantastic movie such as Bedknobs and Broomsticks [if B&B isn't available, try Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as an acceptable replacement]
Source: Disneylicious
Step Three: Um iron, especially if you've kept your onesie and fabric [after they've been washed] haphazardly in a bag.

Step Four: Cut out appropriate size squares of the fabric and sticky stuff for the camera - Iron together per package directions.

Step Five: Free hand the outline of a camera to cut out.

Step Six:  Cut cut cut!  [bonus points if you can rest said cut out on a dog's head for picture taking purposes]

Step Seven: Give the dogs some attention because they look oh so pitiful and/or are acting like hippopotami on crack...

Step Eight: Back to the project.  Peel off the paper backing from your cut out camera, and iron (per package) onto onesie in a drool catching location [don't worry, this camera is fairly waterproof].

Step Nine: Embroidery time!

Step Ten: Admire the work you've made and take pictures of it for the blog.  Use your left hand to push dogs off of your work and keep their nose out of the lens.

Just in case you can't read it, it says "assistant"

Step Eleven: Write incessantly about it on your blog because you can (and because you're avoiding the cleaning that needs to be done - hey I'm honest).

Now for the Twosie more

I also accomplished two more other (albeit smaller) projects in this four hour time span.  Yay!

First was fixing my poor little mitten.  I LOVE these mittens I got this fall from REI (on sale naturally).  They're convertible (perfect for picture taking and dog wrangling), fun colors, and warm!
 Alas, the thumb of the left mitten is falling apart.  :o(
Um, not quite so warm this way...

What it used to look like.


So I have NO IDEA what I'm doing.  But I had blue yarn that was the same color scheme, and a crochet hook...

So I figure heyyyyyyyyy, I'll just give it a whirl...

And this is how it turned out.  Prettiest thing in the world?  Not even close.

 BUT!  It works!  Hopefully this well help keep the frays away...
And what's a project without dog interference...

The other little project I got done was fixing a little tear in one of Kevin's [super soft, awesome colored] shirts.  
Not perfect, but not so noticeable when it doesn't have a camera zooming in on it ;o)

On a side note, I got two AWESOME vintage books at Value Village today for 99c each!  I love love love old books.  Love.  One is Alaska in Transition (1960) and the other is a small textbook on Human Behavior (1960s'ish).  Both totally up my alley because 1) Alaska theme 2) Human Behavior = my life as a psychologist.  There was a sociological theory textbook there as well (it was a chunker) that I may or may not have squealed over [just a bit] when I saw it...  But it was $10, and I'm going to cross my fingers and hope nobody else is quite as excited about social theory as I am, and that I can get it for a percentage off later.  I also put back a REALLY cute 1970s mug with owls on it (cute kind, not scary) that was 49c - because I DIDN'T NEED IT.  Liked it a lot?  Yes.  Need it?  No.  Sigh...  Trying to be better about stuff like that.

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