Monday, February 20

Well at least I accomplished one thing this weekend

I had what really seemed like a do-able list this weekend...  However, it is seeming to take wayyyyy longer than expected!  That, and I in true form, am bouncing around from project to project.  Oh well...

I did FINALLY make dryer balls!  I had been wanting to make them for some time now, and the time just seemed right when I was able to find 3 skeins of virgin wool for $1.99 this weekend.  Value Village had the 50% off President's Day Sale, and I found a bunch of strange things to be shared later I'm sure.  Anyways, back to the wool.  It looks like it was hiding in Grandma's closet for a while, not a color I'd usually pick, but hey, it was $1.99 for 3 skeins, and it's just going in the dryer with my laundry, so who cares!

I read a couple of tutorials, but as a person who rarely reads directions, I just went for it.  This isn't going to be a tutorial.  Number 1, I speak in circles, so I'd probably end up teaching someone how to make a placemat instead of dryer balls.  Number 2, I kinda forgot to take pictures in a "tutorial fashion" as I went along.  Instead, I will just share my pictures.  :o)

Cheap Yarn - yay!

Rolled into small balls

Then tied up in pantyhose, all incognito like  they're ready to rob a 7-11 then into the wash.

Then roll more yarn around so they're bigger.  I went for tennis ball size.
Back into disguise they go.

Why it's oh so very important that you have these pre-felted balls in pantyhose...

If you don't (or if one manages to sneak out) you end up with this...

Ta da!  These suckers have been through every load (in pantyhose) I've done this weekend (maybe 5?)

Closer up of the felted-ness

See, tennis ball size.

So, I'm sure you're really just wondering about the table these dryer balls are sitting on.  [Probably not, but I'm going to tell you anyways!]  This is my left-at-the-condo-when-I-moved-in-2+-years-ago coffee table.  Solid wood top, super scratched and composite bottom.  I still need to get around to that whole painting the bottom thing.  I'm waiting for warmer weather.  Maybe by then I'll have an idea in regards to color...   Anyways, I decided I wanted to make the coffee table top a bit different, and figured hey, it was free, so I'm willing to risk it a bit more.  Several ideas from painting, to mosaic, to just sanding and staining farmhouse style came and went.  I decided to sand, stain, then carve.  Yup, like an old tree out in the woods (but with much less harm and a lot less sap).   Originally I was going to go back over the carved words with stain so it'd be darker, but I kinda like it lighter, so I'm going to keep it as it.  Still need to put some poly on it, but again, best left to warmer weather when it can be done outside.  :o)
Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, and that the winds long to play with your hair.  Khalil Gilbran

 My mom finds it rather hippie-ish.  Perhaps she's right, but I love the quote.  It's a good reminder as I sit here on my tookus to go outside and play.  :o)  Oh, and I don't have any fancy wood carving tools, so I just used a phillips head screwdriver. 

Ok, I've procrastinated long enough...  Back to painting...

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  1. nicely done! The dryer balls turned out uber cute!