Tuesday, October 23

Frosty Mornings

Warning - This is an overload of backlight images, mostly of the dying plant variety.  Surprise, surprise!

It has been SUNNY but COLD here lately.  I'm happy for the sun, but wondering if I was sleeping for 10 days... because I woke up and the temperatures had dropped a good 20 degrees from before.  Oh well, at least the sun has been awesome.  :o)

So what comes from cold clear nights?  Frost!  Oh I love how it sparkles...

I felt like sharing pictures of things other than food, so here it goes:

The "ughhh are you done yet!??!?" face.

And for a sneak peak of what I was up to tonight...
See the steam coming off the bowl?  Perfect dish for a perfectly cold night.  :o)

I'll recipe share [hopefully] tomorrow.  :o)


  1. How beautiful! There's something magic about frost... you captured it very well.

    1. Thanks! Frost is so amazing and almost surreal in the morning. I just wish it would stay off of my car! ;o)

  2. Wow, Krista Lee, such gorgeous pictures you make!!!!
    Saw your work coming by on Pinterest and got inspired of all that beauty!
    Tried to translate your 10th picture wiht the frozen bells in a card and of course it is totally different, it wasn't my intention to copy it, so it's okay with me.
    I put my card on my FB account (Gery Tiemens-Hartgers) with this story of how I got inspired and mentioned the link to your blog with the picture. Hope that's okay with you.
    Thanks for your inspiration.
    Groetjes Gery