Thursday, October 4

Foodie Penpals: Made in Massachusetts

Well, made in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and other wonderful NE places.  :o)  I think I get particularly obsessed with New England in the fall, so I've been REALLY lucky to get two foodie penpals from New England the last two months!

The Lean Green Bean

This month I was paired with Patti from Massachusetts.  She sends an AWESOME box!  Thanks to the pokey'ness of the post office and the incredible distance it needed to travel, I didn't get the box until yesterday, but it was SO worth the wait! :o)

A sweet letter in a fun art print card (the 6 year old in me still loves horses).

The deliciousness!

  1. It all came nicely packaged in a Trader Joe's reusable shopping bag.  I really like this one because its more wide than tall.
  2. Pumpkin coffee!  Well that just has me written all over it.  Coffee + Pumpkin = favorites
  3. Zucchini Relish - I wasn't sure about this at first.  I'm not much of a relish person, but the zucchini with a hint of wasabi?  Sold.
  4. Harvest Grains Blend - I saw someone else get this from their FPP this month and was a wee bit envious that I couldn't hop on over to Trader Joe's and get some  Then I got some from Patti!  Happy Birthday to me! :o)
  5. Sweet Maui Onion Chips - pretty sure once I open these, Kevin will demolish them.  :op
  6. Pure Maple Syrup - perfect little glass container.  I told Kevin it'd be perfect for camping.  He rolled his eyes (even though I know he totally agrees).
  7.  Massachusetts Rubies Jam - combination of cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry.  Yum!
  8. Apple Butter!  
  9. Chocolate Biscotti - I took this to work today, but didn't have a chance to eat it (it was one of those eat lunch at 2pm kind of days)
  10. Lobster Dog Biscuit - well, Rudder was feeling pretty fancy and has decided he could probably dig the whole New England thing if lobster biscuits were part of the deal. ;o)
Whatcha have there?  Smells pretty good...

Meeeeeee!  I want I want!


Kevin made caribou and some homemade bread for dinner.  At first I thought I might be a bit crazy/impatient having jam on my bread with caribou...  After first bite of the bread and jam, followed by the caribou, I decided that I am going to have to try this jam as some kind of sauce on caribou.  YUM!  

Thank you Patti!  I really appreciate all the delicious things you sent! :o)   A big thank you goes out to Lindsay too for organizing this fantastic program!

**I sent an Indian themed box to Marcy at Plating It Up**

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  1. I'm stopping by for a visit from Lean Green Bean today.
    Since this is my first time participating in Food Pen Pal I thought I would see what people are sending in their boxes. (to get ideas)
    If I ever get so lucky to have a pen pal from New England I will be so thrilled! I'm from Portland, ME.