Sunday, August 11

Oh hey there!

So, um, it's been a while.  A long while.  Go figure I stop posting and then I get the 300+ views a day (yeah, where in the world did that come from!).

Been up to my usual shenanigans + more.

Lots of fun new recipes (not so many pictures, but I may post the recipes anyways!).

Lots of random things keeping me busy.

Well here, this is what I've been up to since March, the photo edition (via iPhone):

There was skiing and skijoring

Attempts in quilting

Brewing of beer

Revisiting The Snuggery in Talkeetna

Putting in new doors and trim (still a work in progress!)

Trees of lost appendage warmers

Pumpkin loving in April

Late night doodling

Living room redesigning

Bookshelf building (they are STOCKED now)

Unexpected car buying


Rudder snuggling

More snow shoveling than I care for

Lots of work

Surprise Easter egg hunt by Kevin

For Rudder too!

Late season snow/slush

Like, mid-May snow. 

The return of the bears, and discontinuation of certain trails.

Breakup in my backyard.  Gross.

Bear hunting (aka Krista and Rudder play ball while Kevin looks for bears)

A trip to Vermont and a sooner-than-anticipated-I-can't-believe-he-actually-found-the-ring-then-bought-it-already engagement in Stowe.  Yay!!! 

 Rochester visit with Kevin's brother & family

Awesome park visiting of our next year VT reception site.

Touring of VT awesomeness, to include the Magic Hat Brewery (did you know they made a garlic beer once?  Didn't go over to well.  Surprising, no? :op )

Some reading (and awkward Rudder poses)

 Running while having people throw color dust in your ear.

Lots of hiking with beautiful weather

A ridiculous number of mosquitoes

A nice toasty, record breaking summer (okay, it didn't get to 91*, but my car thought it felt that hot too!)

Some more hiking

Dipnetting at the Copper River

Visiting a friend at her AWESOME Denali home

More hiking

Sleeping in and snuggles

New all-grain brewing set up.  Woo!

 Talkeetna Forest Fair

More hiking

A TON of swimming with Rudder (it was too hot for him to do much else!)

Pantry reorganization (I even did BOTH cabinets)

 Gardening with moderate success (it's now about 3x the size)

Creating a brew room, complete with a kegerator and beer on tap. (PS, Kevin picked the paint color - Dog Park Green)

Hung out with Banana during knee surgery (she was disappointingly lucid throughout the whole process and pain meds - I had great plans of convincing her to wear rhinestones and heels to the wedding and getting her to sign off in agreement... dang.)

Lots of car travel

A visit from Kevin's dad = camping + fishing

Seward loving

And as per usual, taking pictures of dead, gnarly looking things (that I think are beauuuutiful).

Remember that moderately successful garden?  The lettuce bed was AWESOME, then it met a moose with the munchies...

My garden was apparently so delicious, she came back for round two the 2nd night.  My pleading and arguing with her to leave my greens alone did not appear to phase her...

Now it's August, which means rain. 

I also go back to work this upcoming week.


Here comes Fall (at least up here), ready or not!
*For the record, I love Fall, it's my favorite, but I am soooo not ready!

Hopefully I'll be back on here in less than four months.  :o)