Friday, November 30

Kansas Sweets - Foodie Penpals

It's that time again... time for Foodie Penpals!

I was sent a package from Megan this month.  Megan lives out in Kansas and sent me some local favorites.

Peach butter - such a fun alternative to apple butter that I've never had, and can't wait to try!

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - these actually make me think of the Amish since I got them back in Amish Country PA.  Haven't had them in a while, so I was excited to see them!

Honey Sticks - always nice to have on hand!

Peppermints - perfect to keep in my work bag!

Thanks again Megan!  :o)

Tuesday, November 27

Turkey Day [sans turkey]

 Heads up:  Lots of pictures here.  One animal carcass.  Just so you know.  :o)

This year for Thanksgiving, Kevin and I met up with Jana in Talkeetna.  Kevin's friend Karen has an ADORABLE cabin up there, and let us use it for the weekend.  

Yoga time!

Lots of cozy time with the pups...


And beer.

Oh, and did I mention the AWESOME view from the bay window?

Jana and I went out and explore the "backyard"

Rudder couldn't come.  He did some damage to some tendons a few weeks back, and is on strict bedrest from Dr. Jack.  He was not pleased...

Ended up on the railroad tracks...

Poor Rudder...

Kevin bought a frozen turkey on Wednesday morning.  I was thinking we could just have a rotisserie chicken (kinda looks like a mini turkey, right?) but Kevin thought a Hungry Man frozen dinner would be better than having chicken for Thanksgiving... so he bought one.  It definitely didn't have time to thaw... so plan B was...

Yup, he went out rabbit hunting behind the cabin with his 22 pistol, and came back with this.

I have never cooked (or eaten) a rabbit, but just gave it a whirl...

I coated them in some flour, herbs, and salt & pepper, and browned them in olive oil.  Inspiration: watching Chopped.

Then roasted them in beer and vegetable stock with onions for a while.  Inspiration: watching Chopped.

Here's the Turkey Day spread!

Cornbread stuffing, steamed green beans, beer-braised rabbit, mashed potatoes, cranberry-peach sauce, and sweet potato rolls.

It killed me to make boxed stuffing, instant potatoes, and microwaved green beans... but when in a little cabin in the woods, ya have to keep things a bit simpler.  :o)

I adapted a recipe from Miss Smart a made a DELICIOUS cranberry-peach sauce.  For the thing on the table that I never touched before, I think cranberry sauce is now one of my favorites!  All the way up there with the stuffing and potatoes (those will eternally be my favorites).

Posts on how to reuse your cranberry sauce - coming soon!

Dinner entertainment consistent of a little Arlo Guthrie...

Oh Rudder...

Dessert was a pumpkin gingerbread pie, and a salted maple pecan bar.  I had made the pecan bars before for a school thing, and they were a big hit!  Recipes to come later.  :o)

So cold outside, so cozy inside.  :o)

During the long weekend there, we went on a couple short walks with a [mostly] leashed Rudder.  Poor thing has so much energy...

Naturally, I was enamored with the rusty bridge.

Rudder was enamored with crunchy sticks...

We went to one of my favorite breweries, Denali Brewing Co., and had linner (lunch/dinner).  One of the most delicious veggie burgers + amazing Slow Down Brown Ale...  mmmmm mmmm mmmmm!

I took 400+ pictures.  No surprise...

Rudder abusing his off-leash freedom by hopping through the tall grass...  Just don't tell Dr. Jack!

Cabin from the woods behind it.

Dinner of rabbit stew with mixed in Thanksgiving leftovers.

Such a cuddle bug (and patient with our shenanigans in hairstyling).  :o)

No visit to Talkeetna is complete without breakfast at the Roadhouse.  Favorite by far.  I love the family style seating, and the food is both AMAZINGLY good and reasonably priced!  I always drink copious amounts of coffee there... 

By the way, I did NOT eat that all by myself.  I maybe made a dent in 1/4 of that...  Rudder and Kevin helped with the rest over the next two days.  :o)

Then we took a few pictures for Christmas cards.  Oh, and because we have next to no pictures of the three of us.  Always the photographer, never the subject.  ;o)

Such a great Thanksgiving!  :o)